"Love, respect, help and forgive each other"

Rev. Alex L. Orbito


In April 2016, Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Aloja was asked by his Spirit guides to rest and prepare for a new evolutionary phase in his healing mission. As a result, he has appointed other closely related and equally gifted healers to proceed in the task of spiritual healing in a more individual approach while he prepares himself to work on a more collective level through blessings and guidance.


Healing Stay Programme:

This intensive weeklong programme is meant for everyone who seeks spiritual healing of mind, body and soul. The most important requirement consists in having an open mind and heart to receive the healing energies or by quoting Rev. Orbito (Brother Aloja): "Surrender yourself to God".

All participants are asked to follow the programme as indicated below to ensure proper guidance and coordination during their stay. We recommend to all those who wish to come, to be in proper physical condition to undertake the long journey and stay in a tropical climate. The programme consists of 10 healing sessions, which normally take place in the morning and afternoon after a collective meditation and prayer. Rev. Orbito (Brother Aloja) will be present at times to give both blessings and guidance as an integrative part of the healing sessions.

February 25 - March 5, 2017

Sat Feb 25 Arrival Manila & transfer to hotel (overnight in Manila)
Sun Feb 26 Transfer to Pyramid of Asia Healing Center in Pangasinan
Welcome and explanations
Feb 27 – Mar 3
Spiritual Healing programme at the Pyramid of Asia
Morning: Meditation, prayer and guidance, Healing session and integration
Afternoon: Meditation prayer and guidance, Healing session and integration
Evening: Sharing circle
Sat Mar 4 Transfer Manila (overnight in hotel Manila)
Sun Mar 5 Transfer to airport and departure

Fee Healing Stay: 1350 €
Inclusive of healing programme with 10 healing sessions, full board accommodation based on vegetarian meals (double room) in Manila and Pyramid of Asia, transfers to/from airport, transport, guidance and security.
Supplement single room: 200 €

Not included: International transport to Manila, meals in Manila and optional excursions. We strongly recommend all participants to contract travel insurance during their stay.

Registration: for more information and reservation please contact us at: pyramidasia@gmail.com

Spiritual Initiation & Retreat programme


In this same spirit we decided to embark on this novel path towards more collective (self) healing and holistic awareness and by unlocking and embracing the divine potential within. When we reconnect to the Light source from which all life originates, healing on a deeper level occurs within and around us.

The programme in the Philippines has therefore been adapted to reflect this transformation by placing more emphasis on inner awareness, heart opening and collective healing. During the first part (at Pyramid of Asia) we will learn more about the energy fields through the Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, undergo Chakra initiations by Rev. Alex Orbito (Brother Aloja), alongside collective ways of healing, meditation and inner guidance. The second part (at Pyramid for Light) is a spiritual retreat whereby we will connect on a profound level with ourselves and its sacred surrounding nature and elevated sources of cosmic energy. It’s a journey into the mystical and spiritual realms of our core being, allowing for more equilibrium between body, mind and soul.

Spiritual initiation (Pyramid of Asia) & Retreat (Pyramid for Light)
April 8 – 23, 2017

Sat Apr 8 Arrival Manila (overnight)
Sun Apr 9 Transfer to Pyramid of Asia Resort
Apr 10-13
Spiritual Initiation Programme with Ceremonies of Chakra Openings, Collective healing, meditation and spiritual guidance
Fri Apr 14 Transfer to Pyramid for Light
Apr 15-20
Spiritual Retreat Programme with Chakra meditations, Baptism and Pyramid Initiation
Fri Apr 21 Integration and/or relax seaside (optional)
Sat Apr 22 Return to Manila (overnight Manila)
Sun Apr 23 Transfer to airport

Fee Healing Seminar & Retreat: 1750 €* which is all-inclusive of the Spiritual initiation and retreat programme, accommodation (based on twin occupancy), transfers airport, 2 hotel-nights Manila (arrival and departure), full board vegetarian food, guidance and security.

Not included: international transport to Manila, meals in Manila, optional excursions.

Supplement single room: (only available in Manila and Pyramid of Asia) 250 €

* Please note that part of the retreat fee is a contribution to the Pyramid for Light Foundation.

Registration: In view of the restricted capacity on site, we have a limited number of participants that can be accepted. We therefore strongly urge you to register as soon as possible and to check availability first before reserving the flight. Please contact us at: pyramid4light@gmail.com

Thank you.