"The word impossible only exists in our minds."

Rev. Alex L. Orbito

What is Health?

Health means living in a conscious way and in harmonious connection with ones social and ecological environment. Health doesn't only mean the absence of disease or its related symptoms, but also the possibility to fully express oneself on a mental, emotional, physical and social level and for each individual to grow to his full potential in every aspect of life.

Holistic healthcare refers to any healing modality which focuses on the whole person: mind, body and spirit. It is about treating the whole person by addressing the cause instead of the symptoms alone. The holistic approach to health starts with the firm belief that the body has the power to heal itself. Thus holistically orientated therapies, healings and interventions primarily focus on our innate capacity for self-healing.

Health and Healing

What is Healing?

Healing deals in its essence with the activation of the self healing process in the patient's body by removing obstacles and thereby activating its self healing process.

A disease is a subconscious expression of the body, an indicator that something needs to be changed in our life (style) and attitude. This gives us the opportunity to look for the cause and change whatever is needed to gain more balance and harmony in our life.

Picture the following metaphor: When an alarm lights up in our car, we go to the mechanic who will need to examine the complete car and engine to detect its root cause. Simply removing the alarm sign is an illusion and doesn't lead to any solution.

Applying the same metaphor to sickness, means that we need to look at the root cause instead of simply suppressing the body's signals. In this process the assistance of a mechanic is helpful and at times necessary, yet in essence, we will always remain responsible for (re-) creating health in our lives.

Alex Orbito always emphasizes this by saying: "As an instrument, I will do my utmost to help you, but I need your cooperation. If you know that you do something wrong to yourself, you change your life. Begin by loving and accepting yourself first".

Key factors towards health and healing are:

  1. Gaining consciousness that our attitude (our thoughts, words and actions) towards ourselves and our environment is creating our own reality
  2. Acknowledgement of this self-responsibility that we are the creators of our reality
  3. Acceptance of the power to re-create our reality as we desire


The energy treatments of Rev. Orbito are in no way related to any medical treatments in its occidental meaning and give no guarantee on relief or assurance of cure whatsoever. Likewise, these energy treatments may not be seen in any way as a replacement for ongoing medical treatment. No diagnosis or prognosis given by Rev. Orbito may be compared as such by the allopathic medical world. The energy treatments by Rev. Orbito should be seen as complimentary to present medical treatments, as additional efforts to restore or improve the healing process.

Health and Healing

Distant Healing (Intentional Therapy)

The term distant healing is scientifically seen as intentional therapy which basically implies all forms of healing because the intention of the practitioner lays at the basis of all cure. Therefore, every form of cure is preceeded by its intention.

Distant Healing can be defined as an individual or collective effort to connect and focus on previously registered patients with the intention to cure.

Previous experiences have shown positive results in 80 to 85% of reported cases. The self healing process, which previously was blocked, is being activated again through the intentional therapy. From previous studies we know that active participation of the patient through meditation and concentration clearly stimulates and increases the healing process.

The remaining percentage of 15 - 20% of therapy resistance can often be explained by the patient's attitude and/or subconscious unwillingness to recover.

Within Quantum physics, space can be defined as almost completely empty whereby everything is interconnected according to Bell's Theorem. This energetic interconnectednessis of non-local character and therefore not subject to time nor space, just like any other form of known energy.

The fact that physical changes have been measured in the patient's body after intentional treatment shows that energy and thus labor has been transmitted in a non-local way. Labor means the transformation of one form of energy into another, which also takes place on a physical level in the patient’s body. It's about activating a certain part of the brain which evokes a neurological response towards the self healing process of the patient.

From scientific research through PET scans (positron emission tomography) it is known that exactly the same part of the brain reacts to both medicine and placebos, which indicates that our brain doesn't distinguish between reality and illusion. Taking this result into account, the physical presence becomes of less significance.

Note of Gratitude

The chapters Health, Healing & Scientific Studies was written with the professional contribution of two renown experts and authorities in the field of Natural Health Science and Holistic Medicine, being:

Drs. Astrid Noorden, Specialist Natural Healthcare (Click here for CV)
Dr. Jan van Hemert, Ph.D, Neurologist and Specialist Holistic Medicine (click here for CV)

Jan van Hemert and Astrid Noorden