"Miracles are undiscovered Laws of Nature"

Augustine (Philosopher)

Scientific Studies on efficiency treatment
Alex Orbito

During the period 2002 - 2005, Jan van Hemert, M.D., Ph.D, compiled extensive studies on the healing work of Alex Orbito. He also added foreign studies done in Canada and Germany to this research in measuring the effectiveness of the treatments done by Alex Orbito.

He scientifically documented more than 124 medical cases of people who had been treated by Alex Orbito and wrote his findings and conclusions in his Scientific Report

Dr. Jan van Hemert, Ph.D is a neurologist who became a successful medical director in several reputable clinics in the Netherlands. He also became a pioneer in the study of holistic medicine which he studied extensively to validate its application in more than 30 complementary therapeutic disciplines. Through his experience, competence and knowledge, he recently introduced the Cornet Master Studies in affiliation with the DUC University in the Netherlands as post graduate education for medical doctors and therapists.

CV Jan van Hemert, M.D., Ph.D. See attached document.

Previous Scientific Research and Studies

In the course of his life, Alex Orbito often voluntarily assisted in scientific studies to further measure and understand the phenomena of barehanded or psychic surgery.

The number of studies he voluntarily submitted himself to is numerous and the below list is far from complete since he simply doesn't recall all the different names, centers and hospitals where the researches were performed. Particularly in the early days of his healing ministry in the Philippines (in the seventies) continuous scientific study groups visited and researched his work without keeping any record of these visits and results. Some studies and researches are described in the literature list.

1974 Philippines/Canada; Dr. Lee Pulos
1974 Sweden; Stockholm, Dr. Kosic and Dr. Ronqvist
1975 Denmark; Copenhagen, Dr. Richard Oyson
1977 France; Paris (hospital), Dr. Frudolen
1979 Austria; Vienna (hospital), Dr. Lauda
1972 - 1982 Germany; Dr. Seutemann and Dr. Alfred Stelter, Ph.D
1981 Japan; Tokyo Dr. Nakamoto & Dr. Kumora
1999 Philippines; Natural Sciences Institute, Dr. Saturnino Halos, Ph.D
2002 India; Life Research Academy; Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi
2003 – 2004 Italy; European University for Holistic Medine, Dr. Jan van Hemert, Ph.D
2003 – 2005 Germany; International Biophysics Insitute, Dr. Roeland van Wijk, Ph.D
2006 Russia; St. Petersburg (clinic), Dr. Rushel

Undergoing tests at International Biophysics
Institute, Germany

Introduction to Quantum Physics

From a holistic point of view, each human being is considered to be an open energy system in constant interaction not only with his environment, but also from where life and awareness is being created. This is a dynamic and active realization process in which each being is truly the creator of his own reality.

The term kwantum (Latin, "how much") refers to discrete units that the theory assigns to certain physical quantities, such as the energy of an atom at rest. The discovery that waves could be measured in particle-like small packets of energy called quanta led to the branch of physics that deals with atomic and subatomic systems which we today call Quantum Mechanics. We do know today, that there is a common "field" which constantly alters by our thoughts, words and actions.

A well known proof of this theory, is the scientific study done by the Japanese Dr. Emoto, who showed that a simple word has the power to change the atomic structure of water.

He discovered that a collective energy field based on love gives beautifully shaped stars at freezing point whereas a collective energy field based on fear gives chaotic structures of water.


This clearly shows that our collective energy field which we emanate is the constant creator of our daily reality. Hence the importance to understand that our (sub) consciousness mind is the constant creator of our health or disease.

Key factors towards a healthy life are:

  1. Gaining consciousness that our attitude (being our thoughts, words and actions) towards ourselves and our environment is creating our own reality
  2. Acknowledgement of this self-responsability
  3. Acceptance of the power to re-create our reality as we desire

Hence, comes the realization that:
Thinking, speaking and acting healthy creates health
Thinking, speaking and acting sickly creates sickness